Top 5 Best Tower Fans 2018 - Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Top 5 Best Tower Fans 2018 | Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

You have felt troubled in selecting the best tower fan for your own family because there are thousands of different models with a variety of prices and benefits. After reading this short brief, you can select yourself the best tower fan, which is suitable for your demand.

Moreover, you can see the differences between fans easily. For certain, when you have a high-quality tower fan, it will be a close companion in your kitchen. In this post, we’d like to recommend some reviews of the most appreciated in 2018 and a buying guide to using before you make your decision.

Short Reviews Of The Best Tower Fan List

1. Honeywell HYF290B Tower Fan

Invented to give off a large amount of cool air to the biggest space with a view to providing a level of convenience and cooling maximum. It is equipped with a combination of five quiet, controlling levels separately, the controlling system using induction button and far-fetched controlling, which guarantees that everyone can use a flexible choice to access to Honeywell HYF290B Tower Fan everywhere in your home.

Auto off-timing from one to eight is installed and establish safety by providing more choices to use. More flexible, Honeywell HYF290B is designed with an effective handle getting rid of stuff problem in removing your own tower fan into another space.

Invented to provide you with 8 quiet cooling settings. This elegant tower fan is a perfect selection for every kitchen or living room. Also, it has the breezing and oscillating setting. Besides, some other main functions include digital heat controlling and a 1-8 off-timer system.


  • Controlling quietly with eight levels of speed
  • Cool widely
  • 1,2,4 and 8 off-timer automatically
  • Far-fetched controlling from a house on the product
  • Digital controlling induction button


  • Price is more expensive than others tower fan

2. Holmes Oscillating Tower Fan

Companioning with Honeywell HYF290B Quiet Set Whole Room tower fan closely, Holmes Oscillating Tower Fan 32 Inch with Remote Control, HT38R-U is another choice with fully functions suitable for your demand in your own family. It gives your family a warm atmosphere by keeping cool for a long time and neatly arranging with convenience. This is the best ideal selection for some cozy atmosphere in your own houses such as living room and bedroom with operation quietly.

Narrow design with covering the cool widely

The Holmes Oscillating Pedestal HT38R-U strictly offers a design to save space together with a profile (must be slim) which is an ideal solution for small sites. It gives off easily into corners and areas having remote space for certain.

Easy Management with Fan Settings

The Control panel has many functions offering you to have a management with settings of fan speed as long as you like. Also, you can change yourself the constant cooling period in over 8 hours. Anyway, there is also a variety of modes-controlling that allow you to operate settings like shuteye or a breeze.

Remote Control conveniently

You can enjoy the ultimate in convenience and freely control all settings in your own fan by the remote control that allows you to adjust cooling and air circulation only by a fast button. In addition, it is said that a storage area is installed in the unit’s remote excellently.

Unlike that product mentioned above, the Holmes Oscillating Pedestal Tower Fan with Remote Control HT38R-U is also really best tower fan that you can totally shop for your small family. With a reasonable price, for certain, this superb product will interest you as much as possible.

It can’t be denied that rapidly, it is said to be one of the best-seller tower fans suitable for your cozy air no matter where you live. Also, because of its following amenities, it has gained the popularity all around the world by some following factors:


  • Energy efficiencies up to 60% (as much as possible)
  • On – off time automatically
  • Oscillating with the area having wide coverage effectively


  • Suitable for a larger room such as living room, dining room and so on
  • thumbs-down
    Short warranty

3. OZERI 3x Tower Fan (44")

OZERI 3x Tower Fan (44") with Passive Noise Reduction Technology is really best tower fan with its own special features, which makes it become super-product nowadays. It is known to be the latest innovation in the era of technology because of its stunning design. Being reliable a good many times, the OZERI 3x Tower Fan (44") is considered to be the latest with its stylistic innovation.

Impressed by 3 inches in thickness, there is no doubt that this tower fan has a reputation of one of the flattest ones in around the world with noise-canceling technology passively for less than 50dB airflow velocity remarkably. With the thickness is less than 3 inches, the 3x Tower fan is one of the thinnest fans in the world in general and the design for a visually arresting is boosted along with a delicate glass-reinforcement.

Controlling easily along with the included extended-range remote or along with sensitive touching of the LED control panel. OZERI 3x Tower Fan (44") is made up with a combination of 3 fans speed and 3 fans controlled independently, which raises up to nine levels of airflow cooled and customized.

These are some undeniable features about tower fan reviews with OZERI 3x Tower Fan (44"). For certain, it has also the reputation of best tower fan in around the world that you can prepare yourself without having worry about not only quality but also amenity by the way.

In this part, we’d like to recommend you some advantages and disadvantaged as well so that you can make up your mind that you should buy this product or not. Hopefully, all of you can read these information carefully before using it without regretting stuff.


  • Available from these sellers no matter where you live and stay
  • Easily remove everywhere because of its tower-shaped
  • Moving air effectively and making it feel cooler every corner
  • thumbs-up
    Customer - serving is evaluated and cheerful


  • No reducing noise minimum in some cases
  • thumbs-down
    Extremely bright in some cases ( LED lights), which can cause sleep issues

4. LASKO 2554 Wind Curve Tower Fan

A small cozy atmosphere seems to be suitable for using these goods. It is appreciated highly to be an effective tool that makes the atmosphere become clean and fresh in many rooms. For certain, LASKO 2554 Wind Curve Tower Fan with Remote Control and Fresh Air Ionizer, Silver WOODGRAIN is known to be best tower fan.

With making a breeze cool; together with remote control; conveniently carry everywhere, control electronically and save energy up to 7.5 hours for time to turn off. Invented: and created in America; E.T.L turned out to be ranked in safety fuse technology, which is patented, consists of 1 year limited for the warranty.

Air quality is boosted by Air Ionizer option by giving off negative molecules used to reduce electricity statically and trap air pollutants well such as dust, for example, The sophisticated design of Wind Curve and accents called WOODGRAIN. Suits seamlessly with any décor which can release clean air to any room corner in your own home comfortably.

When mentioning this part, what comes to mind first? Alright, like some products above, LASKO 2554 Wind Curve Tower Fan with Remote Control and Fresh Air Ionizer, Silver WOODGRAIN absolutely becomes best tower fan in any circumstances. Let’s see some advantages and disadvantages about this superb product


  • A space-saving tower designed with oscillating optionally spreads clean air throughout the room fast and quietly
  • 3 quiet speeds so that you can adjust freely with your desire
  • High-reaching tower designed for maximum air allocation


  • Short insurance time (only one year)
  • thumbs-down
    A bit tall in some spaces such as living room, kitchen, and dining room

5. Dyson 63456-01 Air Multiplier AM07 Tower Fan

You are finding the best tower fan at your own home and Dyson 63456-01 Air Multiplier AM07 Tower Fan, White Silver is really the best one anyway. This tower Fan will give off any corner to provide the quietness for a whisper, yet the height for velocity, and airflow.

Perhaps, you feel a bit confused with this product. Understanding this point, in this post, we’d like to recommend sincerely some incredible functions that cause Dyson 63456-01 Air Multiplier AM07 Tower Fan, White Silver to be the best tower fan as it deserves.

Air Multiplier technology

Thanks to using Air Multiplier technology, Dyson fans have the ability to create an energetic stream of consistent airflow.

Remote Control

With the settings including 10 correct airflows, the timer for sleep, turn on/turn off and oscillation control. Especially,a store neatly on the machine by curving and magnetizing.

Sleep Timer

This kind of fans can be installed to turn off ranging from 15 minutes or up to 9 hours after preset. To design an energetic stream of constant airflow in case blades don’t spin fast, Dyson fans use a patented technology called Air Multiplier, which makes it safe for babies, pets and the time of cleaning.

The reason why Dyson 63456-01 Air Multiplier AM07 Tower Fan, White Silver gains the popularity is that its remarkable advantages. In this post, we’d like to recommend some positive ways. For certain, this incredible goods won’t make you feel disappointed by the way.


  • Easy to clean under no circumstances (grilles or blades seem not to have an awkward safety)
  • Safe as much as possible (that blade can spin fast is not required)
  • Less than 10% power saver (invented to create a powerful airflow which uses less energy than AM02)


  • Difficult to remove into another space
  • thumbs-down
    Suitable for larger rooms because of its height

Why Do You Choose A Tower Fan For Your Family?

Choosing the best tower fan for your own family is considered to be not easy because it depends on some particular criteria and your family’s demand. In terms of our experience, we’d like to recommend seven criteria. Hopefully, they can assist you to pick best tower fan up for you.

Criteria 1: Energy-saving

Motor power is one of the most vital ones. It can’t be denied that it can affect directly to using time. Therefore, you, guys should read more information about the tower fan on the instruction paper so that you can understand partly this characteristic. If the tower fan’s motor power is good, your tower fan will operate strongly and vice versa. It means that if your own tower fan’s motor power is strong, it will consume less energy and help you save more energy with auto on-off timing saver.

Criteria 2: Cool effectively in the large space

Thanks to tower fan, the temperature of the room decreases from 5 degree Celsius to 10 degree Celsius and for certain, when you use it, your room doesn’t need to be private like an air-conditioner. Wind-giving offsetting turns left, right, up or down with strong motor power, which cools faster and effectively in the space (about 15-30 square meters, depending on motor power).

Criteria 3: Balance air-moisturizing

This tower fan uses a steam system with a view to absorbing heating and decreasing air temperature. Therefore, it is used to increase hot and dry space without damaging digital appliances.

Criteria 4: Clean the air

Because of shielding pads and cooling ones in tower fan’s system, the air is filtered cleanly before being cooled and reacting to the environment. Therefore, your space is not only cooler but also fresher.

Besides, tower fan is equipped with a setting so as to create (-) ion helping the air be cleaned ((+) dust will be held and fall down when facing to (-) ion). For certain, the space using tower fan will become fresher, cleaner and cooler for your family’s mind every day.

Criteria 5: Safe for health

The tower fan can be used in the opening area with a combination of wind-releasing setting and air-cleaning systems, which really becomes safe for your space. Moreover, there is no temperature difference too loud between outside and inside of your room.

Criteria 6: Using flexible

The tower fan has wheels under the platform, which helps fan remove more easily and use more flexible in many locations, spaces without needing to install.

Criteria 7: Easily hygiene-working

Parts are taken out easily because of the tower’s design. Dust-shielding part, water-containing, and cooling part help you clean and wash fast and effectively. When you regularly hygiene, which helps your fan not only run stable but also limit harmful bacteria existing and harming the user.

In general, hopefully, through this short post, all of you can gain a lot of useful information with tower fans reviews in 2018 so that you might choose best tower fan for your small family. Sincerely, thanks for reading!

What is a Tower Fan?

Tower fans are called the way they are due to the physical appearance. They have got a similar layout to a tall, slender construction. As a result of this layout, they conserve space and therefore are capable of supplying as much air around the room as you can.

best tower fan

What is a tower fan

The tower fans come in various kinds and attributes, based on what you would like it to do. Some don't have tongues and utilize Multiply Air to keep you clean, but some have exceptional 360-degree timers and oscillators. In any event, the building fans have come a very long way concerning technology and innovation.

You may often find tower fans around the workplace and house due to their incredible functionality with the capacity to conserve distance. In comparison to other forms of fans, this one includes a lot of advantages with no trendy layout. They go great any area, particularly in the living space as it produces a contemporary vibe that doesn't ruin the plan or occupy too much room.

Benefits of Using a Tower Fan?

So exactly do the fans of the tower have another sort of electric fan? Here are the benefits it will have the ability to provide you:

1. Oscillation 

A few tower fans have swivel configurations that rotate 360 degrees, include a thermostat and higher layout to present cool and fresh air in the whole room. It does a superb job to get an enthusiast, which makes it among the greatest people to put money into.

2. Noise Level 

A substantial drawback of several fans, ceilings or circles, is they are too noisy! Tower fans are developed to vibrate the chilly air without powerful heavy or engines blades, which makes it much easier to maneuver or dangling around in quiet.

Best tower fan

Benefits of using a tower fan

3. Ease of Operation

Since tower fans utilize only a couple of buttons or possibly a touchscreen, to correct its preferences, you are not going to have difficulty understanding its mechanics and the way it functions. They've a number of settings to produce your room more comfortable and fitter. Some fans include an air conditioner to keep your space tidy!

4. Design

The total design of this tower enthusiast means modern and modern design, with sleek designs created for almost any space. Bu not only need to construct powerful and wonderful but additionally the space-saving benefit. I know that it's difficult to place everything into a little home or a little room, but using a tower fan, you get a sleek and slender appearance you will have the ability to put anywhere!

5. Safety Features

What worries me when employing a fan is that my kids or pets may touch the blade whilst on the transfer, which may hurt them. However, because tower fans don't have any tongue are inserted indoors, your infant won't risk touching it and injuring himself. Additionally, it includes additional security features such as long or timers wires you won't move forward.

How to Use and Test a Tower Fan?

1. Assess its smoothness through surgery. Switch on the device and check that it's a fantastic oscillation and can offer cool air quickly and economically with no disturbance or noise. It has to be powerful without consuming too much power.

2. Look at its own buttons or the way you control it. In case it includes a remote controller, make sure it functions even in a space for simple control. Also, take a look at its features and warmth regulator to find out if it functions and it may change to other configurations immediately.

3. Check for security when used with kids and set in a room. Make certain that there aren't any safety hazards that may hurt anybody.

4. For cleansing and upkeep, it may be a little hard since they're baking. Nonetheless, it's easy as long as you understand how to tear it off and utilize compressed air, blow it to get rid of any debris or dust it might have obtained. Clean it at least one time each week to decrease the probability of dust moving around and inducing allergies for your loved ones.

5. Another trick to keeping your fan is to maintain the timer. Avoid misusing it and turning it off when not being used, providing it time to break. Don't include too much strain or strain to it so that it lasts longer.

How to Purchase the Best Tower Fan?

Now that you're acquainted with exactly what the tower fans do and the way you cannot place them to see whether it works correctly or not, another question is: how can you understand the tower fans you're becoming? The right for you? Here Are a Few Tips and components to think about:

best tower fan

How to Purchase the Best Tower Fan

1. Performance and Power  

This aspect is quite important. You will need something which may conserve energy but won't need to be worried about the power. It'll have the ability to vibrate the trendy and clean air around the whole space easily and no sounds. It's ideal to concentrate on these tower fans who have exceptional performance that may cool any area that doesn't appear to be in issue.

2. Design and structure

The layout is vital since it generates or breaks the atmosphere in your area. You have the option of picking colors or appearing at your fans, searching for one based on what you would like your area to look like.

However, the more important point to concentrate on will be building. It needs to be made of durable material and quality to last for quite a while without being busted easily. It's also powerful enough to resist the pressure and function efficiently.

3. Safety Features  

It is important to think about, particularly if you're with kids or pets. Tower fans have security features like self-timer, automated shut-off, and long cord which individuals can't move forward.

4. Added Features 

You might choose to bring a few attributes from tower fans, for example remote controls or air compressors. This is for men and women who can't move much and desire fans in order that they could adjust their preferences remotely. Some have various modes that fit your comfort level.

5. Simple to use and keep  

Your tower fans has to be simple to comprehend, using buttons or touch screens you can certainly use or media to correct settings how you desire. It also needs to be simple to clean and maintain, with all the fan isn't overly hard to disassemble for cleaning.

Some tower fans can quickly adjust the angle or height you want it to be. If you'd like it or revolve round the area, then it is best you've got something it is easy to fix.

6. Warranty and Bundle

 While the bundle generally just includes manual and fan for simple usage, contemplate guarantee to be sure you've got enthusiast to last for quite a while. Consider what the guarantee can give you, its limits and its duration.

Wrap Up

After checking out the reviews above and shopping guides, you will not have a problem finding the best ceiling fan. It is important to keep an open mind even if you have your heart set on a certain pattern because you can discover something much better!

If you are buying a ceiling fan that you want to use regularly, you should invest in a good machine so you can enjoy it as long as you want! Wish you have a nice ceiling fan!