How Ceiling Fans Work In A Room

Have you ever wondered how a fan hanging on the ceiling can operate smoothly without falling or encountering complicated problems? Have you ever wondered what these principles are? How do ceiling fans work?

All your questions, we are pleased with the content in the article below.

Components, important parts of the ceiling fan

Before learning about the principle of ceiling fan operation, let’s find out what components are used to create the ceiling fan.

Electric motors

The electric motors of the ceiling fan are of two types, condenser type, and short-circuit type, in which the main parts of the engine are Stato and Roto. This is considered to be the most important part of the components because it is almost decisive for wind speed, operation, and product quality.

how ceiling fans work

The engine of the ceiling fan


The propeller is the main component used to create the wind. Previously with conventional fan blades, the blades were typically made of iron with three blades spaced apart at 1200 angles with Roto’s uppercutting board by screws. However, nowadays, materials, as well as the number of fan blades, become more diverse (2 wings, 5 wings …) to meet the aesthetic needs as well as the creativity of the user.

Speed controller

Speed regulators, otherwise known as gearboxes of ceiling fans. This is used to change the speed of the fan as desired by the user.

how ceiling fans work

The way in which a ceiling fan operates/working will depend largely on the manufacturer, the style or the moment it appears. However, despite the structure, operating in any way the ceiling fan still follows a general operating principle as follows:

Power supply to start, turning the engine: When the power supply is started (electric), the electric motor starts to operate in the set direction.

The engine rotates the rotor: When the engine is running, the rotor mounted on the rotor will also follow. Propeller operation will produce a fast/slow airflow depending on the rotational speed of the engine driven by the speed controller.


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