How To Choose A Ceiling Fan

Choosing the right ceiling fan is not just about choosing colors and styles. There are some important factors that you must consider to get maximum efficiency from your fan. So, how to choose a ceiling fan for your home?

Step 1: Decide where you want to install the ceiling fan

Most ceiling fans are placed in the center of the room, allowing air to circulate throughout the room.
Larger rooms, however, may be suitable for 2 ceiling fans for optimum airflow. For safety reasons, do not install the ceiling fan at the location

Step 2: Consider other room factors:

+ Room size

  • 80cm ceiling fan suitable for rooms under 6m2 (small bedroom, wardrobe, kitchen)
  • 1070mm – 1120mm wingspan is suitable for room 9-12m2 (medium bedroom, kitchen, small entertainment area)
  • The ceiling fan, wing width 1320mm suitable for rooms up to 20m2 (large bedroom, family room, large room, dining room)
  • 1520mm wing fan, suitable for rooms up to 30m2 (large living room, sports room, large room). These rooms can be fitted with 2 1120mm wingspans.

how to choose a ceiling fan

How To Choose A Ceiling Fan

 + Ceiling height

  • Low: The ceiling height is from 2600mm-2800mm, for low ceiling fans, these fans have a maximum fan height of 30cm. The standard for wing-to-bare spacing is 20 cm
  • For the installation fan, the minimum distance from the wing to the ceiling is 23cm. You will need to check the distance from the floor to the ceiling. Make sure the distance that the fan hangs from the ceiling.

To be safe, the minimum height from the floor to the blades is 2.2m. If you do not reach a minimum of 2.2m, you must see the installation instructions for the low ceiling.

Step 3: Think about electricity.

Because the ceiling fan needs a stable power supply, it is necessary to avoid overloading the power supply.

If your ceiling fan includes a light, ensure that the circuit can handle both ceiling fans and fanlights. If your circuit is weak, connect a separate power line from the main panel of your home.

how to choose ceiling fan

How To Choose A Ceiling Fan

If the ceiling is not available, you need to add a device to hang the fan. If your home does not have a ceiling fan, there are some wired fans that plug you into a wall outlet, but we still recommend that you plug in the ceiling.

The easiest way is to go to the ceiling when building a house

It is best to consult an electrician.

Step 4: Choose a decorative ceiling fan of good quality

Quality comes with the price. An inexpensive, inexpensive fan shakes a lot and circulates less air. While speed helps control air circulation, the rotor blades and wing designs also play an important role. Good quality fans have larger engine power for greater fan rotation. Cheap motor fans are not strong enough to handle the air resistance so manufacturers have to reduce the rotation to avoid burning the engine.

In addition, cheap fans cause great noise. Remember that a good quality fan is not always unreasonably high. Even Royal fans are good quality and prices are reasonable.


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