How To Circulate Air With Fans

The bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, air-conditioned rooms need to install ventilation fan to draw moisture, bacteria, dust out and clean the air.

Today’s houses are built close together, separated into separate functional rooms, so the living space inside is often cramped, lacking ventilation factor. The gas chamber combined with the use of formaldehyde dispersive furniture (furniture, paints, insecticides, waterproofing substances) increases the amount of toxic substances in the home.

Poor ventilation also creates the environment for bacteria and mold spores to grow. In the long run, the health of family members will be reduced. The most difficult to stay is a sore throat, skin irritation, headache, dizziness, difficulty breathing. In addition, formaldehyde compounds also cause asthma-related illness and allergies. Therefore, it is necessary to actively remove toxic substances and always renew the air in each room.


In all rooms, a kitchen is a place where a lot of gas, water vapor, food odor, and CO2, NO2, CO cause respiratory disease. In addition to discharging the unpleasant smell, this place also needs to be provided with more oxygen and that is thing best tower fans for your home can do best.

How To Circulate Air With Fans

How To Circulate Air With Fans

Tower fans can push the amount of polluted air out continuously and quickly to the house by continuously vibrating with great power. For the kitchen, keep the fan tower away from the kitchen area to prevent grease from sticking to it.

Bathrooms and toilets

Families often integrate bathrooms and toilets in the bedroom, or adjacent to the kitchen. Walls, floors and ceilings are waterproof, accidentally make the bathroom more secret. Long-term stagnant air pollution will likely contaminate adjacent rooms (bedrooms, workplaces, cafeterias …).

Moisture also causes damage to walls, molds, and unpleasant smells. The use of deodorant sprays, aromatherapy is only temporary, increasing the amount of toxic chemicals in the home. Best for bathrooms and toilets, homeowners should install tower fans for doors and use frequently to keep your room dry.

Air-conditioned rooms

In principle, air-conditioned rooms must be sealed to limit the heat. At that time, the air inside can not be convex, exchanged outside. As a result, gaseous pollutants remain stuck.

The humidity in the room also usually increases and decreases by the open period of air conditioning, air conditioning. As the humidity rises without air convection, the mold will have a good chance of developing, damaging the premises and creating a foul odor.

Having many air-conditioned rooms will make you feel heavy, uncomfortable headaches, numbness and difficulty breathing when waking up; long-term easy to sneeze, runny nose, respiratory infections, immune decline … Cause often due to the amount of oxygen in the closed room, not enough to supply the brain.

Therefore, when installing the air conditioner, the homeowner should use a fan. Tower fans have the same amount of air flow as the room air ventilation, facing the indoor unit to convection, exhaust the air out and receive fresh air to enter. Tower fans do not consume much electricity but are effective against hypoxia, good for health.

When choosing to buy a fan club, you should know the usage and the ability of each product; Capacity per hour for each type of room. An average noise level of 30db to 40db, if above 50db, will affect human hearing, sleep disturbance, and neurasthenia.


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