How to Clean a Tower Fan?

Tower fans little surface footprint and height of cooling make them more useful for smaller spaces. The same as regular fans, tower design fans collect a great deal of dust with different usage. While routine fans are usually intended to be taken apart for cleaning, many tower fans prove problematic to wash using a vacuum and fabric how most manufacturers advocate. With a few straightforward tools, you are able to wash and keep tower fans thus a cool breeze doesn’t need to imply a cluttered house or workplace.

How to clean a tower fan

How to Clean a Tower Fan

Step 1 Put the tower fan facing you, unplugged, in a place safe to wash in. Apply the protective eyewear and mask to maintain the debris and dust from your lungs and eyes during the cleaning procedure.

Step  2 Detach the panel by removing the screwsif your version has a panel. If yours doesn’t have a board, jump to Step 3. Set the screws at the little bowl place both the bowl and panel into the side.

Step  3 Shake the can of compressed air nicely for 30 minutes. If you are using an air compressor, then put on the blower nozzle and then turn the air compressor, enabling it to build up the pressure to your manufacturer’s recommended period (typically 30 minutes to 2 minutes).

Step 4 Use the compressed air to blow the dust off the panels, aiming at not just the horizontal surfaces but into observable accessible crevices, beginning on a peak of the enthusiast and working your way down.

Step 5 Switch the fan tower 180 levels. Use a brush to wash off any residual dirt and dust on the enthusiast. In the event that you needed to remove a panel, then place the panel back in position and secure with screws. Twist the fan in and turn it on.

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