Should To Buy A Tower Fan Or A Tree Fan For Summer

The fan is indispensable equipment during summer days. So choose the stand fan, tree fan or hot tower fan is superior and more effective for avoiding heat here. Each type of fan and tower fan has its own advantages and disadvantages, so we want to maximize the effect you have to choose the fan that suits you best. Considering your needs and requirements, the question of whether to buy a tower fan or a fan is not too difficult to answer.

Buying a tower fan or tree fan is a big headache for fans because the tower fan is quite new and not many users understand it. In the summer there is no shortage of fans, fans help you dispel sizzling and hot air. It is an electric fan, but now the type of tower fan is born with a compact and luxurious design compared to the type of tree fan or traditional fan that we still use. Bestfansland helps you analyze whether to buy a tower fan or tree fan (stand fan).

Learn about traditional tree fans and tower fans

To decide whether to buy a tower fan or a fan, traditional stand fans, it is important to understand the two types of fans. The most popular is still the traditional type of fan. The advantage of this type of fan is that it can generate a very large gas flow, which helps to cool effectively. However, due to the rapid flow of air, this type of fan is very dusty. In addition to the rough design that many users are not interested in because it can break the very beautiful space in the home. During operation, this type of fan is also quite the noise, easy to annoy many users.

Should To Buy A Tower Fan Or A Tree Fan For Summer

Another detail that many people consider when choosing a tree fan or tower fan is the risk that may arise from this electric fan, especially for families with young children. The speed of the fan is quite high, the cage outside the fan blade is quite thin. Children often put their hands inside the cage, resulting in many unfortunate consequences.

Tower fan uses a fan cage similar to fan in air conditioner, very quiet operation. This design helps the manufacturer reduce the size of the fan, just increase the height to have enough wind to meet the needs of use. The design of the tower fan is also very beautiful. For possible harm to children, due to the cage fan, rotating not so fast, the cage protection is very tight, so it is quite safe.

Tower fans have competing advantages

But not the tower fan is completely superior to traditional electric fans, so new users should buy the fan tower fan or tree fan. Using the cage rotor, though smooth rotation, but if the problem arises, the ability to repair the success of the tower fan is very low. With the repair gone, the price of this service is not low at all. Meanwhile, replacement parts for traditional fans are pretty much cheap, ranging from fan blades to motors, spinning turrets and speed control knobs, all of which are no more than a hundred thousand dongs.

The design of the fan stand, fan in the past has also changed a lot and become more modern, more luxurious such as the Panasonic F-407WGO stand. Not to be made of cheap plastic, which is made of high-quality materials, luxurious black, and yellow, durable operation and has a night light, the Panasonic F-407WGO stand is the perfect decoration for your bedroom. Another issue is cleaning the fans. Traditional fan with the simple structure, easy to remove. Any user can open and clean easily, quickly. Meanwhile, with tower fans, the installation of towers is quite complex. Even if you have enough patience to remove all the screws on the fan guard, if you do not operate properly, you could damage the fan.

Finally, the ability to cool effectively

The essence of the fan is to create air flow, in which the basic function of the tower fan can not completely compete with the traditional fan. In addition to the wind power, the width of the tower fan is not equal to the traditional fan because the wind window of the tower fan is quite small.

Overall, each fan has its pros and cons. They should buy a fan or fan in the hot season; you can depending on the needs and purpose to choose the most suitable fan. Hopefully, with the comparison and comparison of you can decide that your family should buy a fan tower or tree fan for cooler summer.

In addition to tower fans or ceiling fans, there are other types of fans that are popular in the summer such as wall fans, steam fans or most fans. Fan spray is also a new fan appeared a few years ago but very popular thanks to the excellent cooling. Fan spray is not expensive and very good for health. The popular spray mist products such as Sunhouse SHD7823 or Sanaky SK-16A spray fans are priced at around 2 million. Sunhouse SHD7823 Suction fan with 85W power, up to 6 functionally customizable according to the circumstances for the air in your family the cool breeze calm and best suited.


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